Lady Face potholder, part three

Turn the face over and trim the bandanna to match the circle. Sew an 8 inch strip by folding it lengthwise and sewing. Turn this right side out and press. Fold it like an AIDS ribbon, into a loop. The original had a little ring sewn on top. The fabric loop reminds me of how Lucy Riccardo tied her bandanna, and besides, I didn’t have any little rings lying around. Layer the backing, face up, the face face down, and the batting. Sew around, leaving a space to turn.

Trim the batting closely, as though you were grading a a seam. Trim the batting at the opening, as well.

This wont hurt a bit! Turn right side out. Sew the opening closed by hand. I hate to sew anything by hand, but the first two I tried to close with the top stitching, and it came out kind of warped. So, hand sew.

Top stitch along the bandanna through all the layers. That will hopefully keep the layers in place. Also top stitch all the way around the circle. Ta Da! Let me know if you make one! Thanks, Deb, for sharing the vintage ones, and I look forward to seeing more of your collection!

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