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blah blah version 2.0

This is your knitting nurse on oxygen. I have some weird pneumonia and had to come back in, due to , you know, not being able to breathe well. Just a cost of doing business having rheumatoid arthritis and taking drugs for it that sort of damp down my immune system. My feral, feral immune system. So, I have had a few zillion tests, and am trying to get the heck off o2 so I can get the heck out of here, but I’ve decided this time to just let the doctor people make the decisions, and try to not be in such a freaking hurry. Well, no photos. not sewing going on, and I have knitting but I haven’t felt like it yet. See ya.


blah blah blah

Look at the happy little group. Found on the library of congress web site.
I don’t have flu- I have pneumonia. If you’ve never had it, it is sort of like bing hit by a truck, and then the truck stays on your chest, impedeing breathing. Of course, being a nurse, I had to wait for someone else to notice i was sick, ( thanks dear) and spent a night or so in the hospital, being grateful for IV antibiotics.

I’m still sick, though. I don’t want chocolate or to sew. Hopefully, both of these will resolve.

I’m on ikeahacker!

right here!

I feel all official and stuff.

In other news, I have the flu AGAIN. Not fair. I got my flu shots, I got the flu, and now I have it again.

But, today I feel good enough to sit up and type, at least. The last two days have been a sweaty, fevered blur.

Front Porch Finish


Chief cushion tester Muggle on the job ( The other dog is named Magic, who came with his name and knew it. Muggle came without a name, so that’s why I am yelling Harry Potter references at the dog park)

I cheaped out on getting the custom foam cut for cushions, and used IKEA cushions meant for lawn chairs. I like red and teal. So any one want to come by and knit on the porch?

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Llama To You!


Here’s one of the many friends I saw at Maryland Sheep and Wool . It is my third year going ( out of four). My BFF and I meet in Baltimore and do our best to stimulate the local economy.

What I love about festivals like this is that everyone there is at least friendly to the idea of making things. One woman did ask me what the spindles were for, but she listened polietly as I told her more that she ever wanted to know. It’s like a visit to the tribe, where everyone is up to something interesting and there is a lot to see and do.

I also managed to find a quilt store, Capitol Quilts, and I WISH they could be my local quilt store. Everyone was so nice! They had a huge selection of brights, a big black and white fabric section. It was lovely!

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