Still Here

among the living. Really grateful for all the good care I got from my co workers while in the hospital. Saw my MD on Thursday and she laughed out loud when I said I wanted to go back to work this weekend. I am really not so good at judging these things. She wants me to be able to walk three blocks without stopping or getting short of breath. Today I did two.

I’ve been knitting 5 hour baby sweaters ( this version). They take less than one ball of Plymouth Encore and are pretty fast, if not five hours. Or I am still slow.) Having fun using up partial balls or Encore ans the buttons I have that are a bit young for anyone that currently lives here. I’ll see how many I can make this summer for the Teen Mom program. I’m already having fun picturing taking a big box of cute sweaters over in the fall.


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  1. Glad to see you post. Glad you're knitting again–that's a sign of energy and forward-march after a bout like that. Glad you've got good co-workers and doctors!

  2. Getting hit hard by the crafting bug is one thing…but getting zapped by a weird pneumonia when you already live with yarn, kids, dogs, quilting and apparently, more weirdos…is not a good thing! Get well soon, your lib quilting/blogging friends miss you in action. Well,you are knitting…I guess that still counts as keeping busy in a hospital while on oxygen 😉

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