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First picture is my sand pail quilt, like the one in Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Quilting. One shovel is appliqué, one is pieced. Don’t you love the cute little feet my quilt rack has? Of course, these are both just tops right now.

The second one was made by cleaning the floor under and around my sewing machine and sewing it all together. I think I will make it bigger, ans then I can give it to the ladies at the homeless shelter. I heard a cute story from the social worker who is my contact at the shelter. The ladies there are there for a fairly long time, as it is the kind of place that gets you on your meds and helps you clean up and get a job. When my friend came with the first two quilts, she explained that the quilter was just one person and not an organization, and so that when I could, I would send a quilt, but it might take a really long time to make 22 ( number of beds) quilts. I had said that if the quilts caused jealousy or rocked the boat, that I would stop, because the last thing these ladies need is more boat rocking in their lives. So the ladies called a house meeting and proposed various ways of distributing the quilts.This was a main topic of discussion for about a week! Finally, they settled on drawing names from a hat, and that once you got a quilt you didn’t put your name in again. I was quite pleased and proud that the quilts were such a commodity!


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  1. Love your quilts and I am quite taken with the story of the shelter. I so wish it was faster and easier to make quilts but then they would be the old two sheet comforters instead of the delightful fun we all strive for…and you my dear, certainly achieve. Yours are always great fun and lovely to look at, too!

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