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My Crown of Thorns is SO BIG….

Inspired by Tonya’s little bitty blocks, I made one out of 10.5 inch blocks. I made it to be the back of the sand bucket quilt,( a few posts ago) but then I added borders to that, so i would have to add borders to this, so I am in flux again. I think I will add borders. I have some large scale Hawwian print that has been loitering in the stash, and it would make a very cute binding on the sand bucket quilt.

Trut be told I don’t really feel like I’ve ever gotten all the way well from my pneumonia bout. I had to go off my RA drugs, and they sometimes don’t work as well when you go back on the. I tried to remain positive and hope, but actually I have been in a lot of pain. I even made the great sacrifice ( snort) of trying to slow down, but it did ot improve my pain levels, and quitting my walks made me even lower energy as well as made the dogs wild and nutty. So, back to the walking, back to pain meds, back to swollen hands and, oh crap.  I know I need to remain positive and hopeful and grateful, but I’m loosing my grip on all that just now.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. A least, my attitude has no where to go but up!

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I think I tried too hard

on this quilt.  The quilt is… just OK.  It doesn’t give me any kind of zap, or zing, or anything. The hand quilting is just random big stitch quiting,  The las shot is of the back, brought to the front to be the binding.The last picture has the best colors. I think the balck made the camera overexpose the colors.

As wild as this quilt is, I think it might have bee better if it hadn’t been so planned.

Thank you, Mrs Pettiway

and all the other ladies of Gee’s Bend for the wonderful quilts you made.  Here’s a Gee’s Bend tribute quilt, made for the neighbor lady who taught my learning disabled son to type. ( I should have made her a much, much, bigger quilt. )

For such a simple design, I took this to apart about six times, removing greys that were too dark or light and finally settling on the Japanese indigo borders. The palest grey fabrics is actually a light grey with dark grey words written on it- like “breathe” and “relax” and “Zen”  Wish I had taken a close up photo.

Got called over to a neighbor’s house today.  The 90-some year old lady who lived there had come down suddenly with chills, fever, and such weakness she could not walk.  She normally walks two miles to the shopping center every morning, and then takes the bus home with her bag.

Three generations of family were fluttering- wanting to call 911 but the grand matriarch said “No”.  So, I called, right after I counted her respirations, took her pulse and made her answer questions for me.  Why do people hate to call 911?  It would have been very unwise to carry her to the hospital in the family car, and this way, as i told her, she got to see the good looking fireman.  This made her smile, and I hope she is OK.  I want to be her, when I grow up.  I will have to pick her some flowers and go see about her tomorrow.

Bargello Blues

Another Bonnie Hunter pattern. I found it just a little too- not hard, exactly- fiddly. I don’t think it looks good for me making the next six panels! I will probably use this as a border on something, or cut it down into nine patches or something.

I’m kind of blue right now anyway. My joints hurt, I have that annoying RA fever, and life has had a few bumps in it. I know I need to just plow through, and it ill be all right, but I’m in more of a wallowing mood that a plowing one! Oh well.

For the fourth we will be watching our little hometown parade- the kind of thing where the mayor rides by in a convertible, waving and throwing candy. It is fun. Hope those who celebrate have a nice time!