When life gives you clotheslines

Make a groovy pin holder. I cut a scrap as wide as a plastic hanger and hemmed the short ends. Then I folded it, inside out, and traced the shape of the hanger, and sewed the “shoulders” and side seams. Maybe the next one, I’ll put fake sleeves on, and make as a little Hawiaan shirt. Next time I’d make the opeing a littlw closer to the top. I like it, but not eough to not get the dryer fixed.

This is the top I’m currently working on. I actually hate it, right now. To the left is Muggles, the dog that is not Magic. He looks like he’d be perfectly willing to bury it in the yard for me, i that would help. I assure you, it is even brighter in person. An experiment in using a few fabrics rather than a few hundred. I might like it more, latter, or not. Can’t tell yet.

Have I posted this one? The house in the middle is where the quilter lives! I had to take the sleeve off and try again, because it is giving me trouble hanging right.

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