White Rotary Sewing Machine Rescue!

Saved from the trash, a perfectly nice early 1930’s White (brand) sewing machine. After removing what looked like an entire spool of thread that had wound around the drive shaft, it ran . After cleaning,oil and grease, it ran well and made a nice stitch. Not bad for an 80 year old machine.

Has an unusual foot pedal. Very comfortable to use, though. The krinkle finish on the machine’s paint was supposed to be easier on the machine opperaors eyes than a shiny finish. It is a very respectable olive green/black color. I also got the machine’s case, which needs a new handle and a thourough airing. It even has a clever place to put the foot controller in the lid of the case. The hinges that hold the machine to the wooden base are identicle to the ones in the White treadle cabinet. The bobbin is the same as the treadle, too, and the foot is of the old back clamp variety. This meands that I have a set of hemming feet that fit it.

What will I do with this, my 11 th machine? (eight electric, two treadles). I dunno. Maybe find someone who wants it, after hoarding it for a while? Not sure. It has a nice understated deco vibe to it. I think it’s happpy to be rescued!

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  1. Oh, a blast from the past! My mother had this machine, and I sewed a lot of clothes and other projects on it until we upgraded to a zig-zag Kenmore. I had no idea it dated to the 30's, though. It might have been a hand-me-down from my grandmother.

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