Monthly Archives: October 2010

Wonderful Book!

I have just read the most wonderful book called Passing On the Comfort.  It was in the quilt section of out local used book store, which was a good thing, because I avoid books about World War II. I am just too overwhelmed to read about all the people exterminated.  It is so sad, to think of all the people gone.

This lovely book, though, tells the story of a young woman, a Mennonite, who was active in the Dutch resistance, and as part of her refugee relief work got quilts from the Mennonite Central Committee.  The Mennonites shipped literally tons of these quilts to Europe for refugees.  It is such a clear, lovely book, calmingly telling how she saved so many Jewish children, and adults, and others through her magnificent work as a resistance fighter. Some of that work was smuggling a Jewish baby to safety in a handbag, some of it was finding a way to empty chamber pots without being seen ( as too many chamber pot = too many people in house).

I like to think of the quilts all we quilters( and knitted and crocheted things we send, too!) send out in the world ans having these ripples, like this.  If you get  chance, it is a very nice book.


Halloween already?

Wow. I have a lot to do! I haven’t been sewing, bu I have been knitting hats. I have 4 done. For some reason Picassa has crashed and I can’t seem to even re-download it. That’s where all my blog pictures came from.

Ever seem like life is just really a lot of work? I am i that phase right now: behind on house work, unmotivated with my job, unsure what to do about my sons and their issues, extended family is acting up and struggling, even the dog has pooped in the house! Trudge, trudge. One day at a time!