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When I grow up…

I will have all the pets I want: As many as I want and I will name them silly names and take good care of them. I will keep my house more for comfort that for show, and all, even those with muddy feet, will be made welcome.

 I will put my children’s needs before my own, remembering that I am the one who brought them here, and that sometimes being the grownup is no fun ,but worth it. I will protect them without smothering, and I will always do right by them.

 I will do crafts all the time, whatever I want, whether I am good at it or not, and if no one in the family wants what I make I will cheerfully give it to friends and strangers.  I will never say to anyone “you do that wrong”. I will make things because I want to, and I will squash the little voice that says “why bother? You’re not perfect”.

 I will keep a sense of humor and silliness, showing my kids that it is not necessary to be grim to be dutiful.

I will live somewhere beautiful, where I wake up every day and think “Pinch me! I live here!”

What  promises did you make to your little self?


May I Introduce…the Bead Family

 So, uhm, yeah.  A new craft!  When Maggie from MI visited, it got me fired up about the beads again.

 This one, I made a Byzantine chain, (scroll down, for some reason here is a blank space on that page), then wrapped the beads and added them.  Pretty pleased with t.  Makes a nice jangly sound.

 This one is called an Egyptian chain, directions from Instructables.

Very fun.  Best of all, the whole stash takes only one yarn tub, including tools.  I am actually remembering to wear some jewelry now that I am making it. ( What little I have of good jewelry is in a safe deposit box, so I never really wear it, but I do visit it sometimes at the bank! )

Amazing Luck

 So, I’m minding my own business in the Middle School library, shelving books, when the librarian came staggering out of a closet with a big box.  On top of the box is a dodgy plastic Christmas wreath, and I mentally composed my excuse for why I would not help put up Christmas ornaments.  The other volunteers, not being allergic to the closet clearing out that appears to be brewing, go over to the box and start to pull out these Saris.  They are getting rid of them.  All of them  Not only the Saris, but the little matching tops and silk scarves, and salwar kameez ( the tunic and pants ensembles) Many of them silk.

 with hand done bead work.

 Glorious metal woven accents

 Batik and the little mirror embroidery

A stunning, overwhelming amount of color ans beauty.
That is going to the trash.
Uhm, no it’s not.
It all came home with me.  All of it.Strangely, no one else wanted any of it.
No, I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.  Some of it is damaged- it looks as though it was stapled to a wall somewhere, and some of it has some staining and small holes, but the great majority of it is just lovely  The librarian recollects that it was donated by someone for the drama dept.  This states schools being bankrupt, there hasn’t been a middle school drama dept for maybe ten years? So, lots of dust and dirt, and staples, and some areas of reaction to the  cardboard.

I have a lot of hand laundering to do, and for no it is airing on the porch.  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Look Who Flew In!

From artist who sells on ebay.  Wonderful paintings, too.  The crow is hanging on the front porch (It’s covered, and the kitty will join a pink dog  painting.I have downstairs in the playroom.

I have not been sewing much. I have been beading a lot, but like everything, what the heck can I do with all the stuff I make? At least quilts can be given to charity.  But charity beading?  I will have to take some pictures.