May I Introduce…the Bead Family

 So, uhm, yeah.  A new craft!  When Maggie from MI visited, it got me fired up about the beads again.

 This one, I made a Byzantine chain, (scroll down, for some reason here is a blank space on that page), then wrapped the beads and added them.  Pretty pleased with t.  Makes a nice jangly sound.

 This one is called an Egyptian chain, directions from Instructables.

Very fun.  Best of all, the whole stash takes only one yarn tub, including tools.  I am actually remembering to wear some jewelry now that I am making it. ( What little I have of good jewelry is in a safe deposit box, so I never really wear it, but I do visit it sometimes at the bank! )


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  1. The beading bug is addictive! Remember how excited I was when I visited you and we went to bead stores in SF? I still have some of those beads and I made many necklaces and earings. Your stuff looks great.

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