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It’s a floor!

Look it’s maple! My favorite flavor!  Now of course, I need a painter, and I am fretting about where the furniture should go. I had a painter, but things are so bad that he layed off his guys, and he’s painting a house by himself right now.  So, not available to work.. So I will look more, and he did give me an estimate so that I knew where the ballpark was.  The new sump pump guy was supposed to drop off a quote tonight, but maybe he meant tomorrow?  No, the homeowners insurance did not cover it.  I am a wee bit stressed myself, but I will get a maple flavored room out of it.

It has been like an ant farm here, all day.  The kids and I have been carrying things down 2 flights to the maple room, from the former bedroom, and then carrying things from the garage up two flights from  the former-bedroom-future-TV-room.  When DH got home from work he and my son carried the dressers down the stairs.  Amazing, I have a son old enough to carry furniture.

Once I get over the dust bunny shame- every time we move a piece of furniture there is a whole herd of dust bunnies- and I get over the panic of figuring out where the new furniture goes- and I get over the exhaustion of all the carrying and climbing- well, then it will be real nice. I’m grateful that this is the dilemma, don’t get me wrong, but it is a little nerve wracking!

Tomorrow I fold fabric and put it on shelves. That will be fun!


Floor progress, knitting

Here is a quilt I just deliered to the shelter for mentally ill women. Magpie Sue has also made some quilts for them. It is a very nice shelter- they get a ton of services, the most unique of which is that anytime you want, you can come back for dinner. Just like a family. I love how the circles on the fabric make the sashing look. I did not predict that, but I will be looking for large scale circles on more fabric so I an do it again!

Alison asked if it was all fixed. Uhm, not yet. It is flatter, though. Tommorow the floor guys come and put down more floor, and then sand a fefinish the whole thing. That is the real reason I want this room for my bedroom- I want a beautiful maple floor all to myself . I don’t want to flip out at the kids about it, but when I moved the furnitre ad saw exactly how much scratching, scuffing, scarring, and staining two little boys could do to a floor, I had to rethink leaving this as the playroom. So, mine, all mine. ( Well, and DH.)

Here’s the beginning of an entrelack scarf/shawl. Al lmy hoarded Koigu. I will do one of squares in each color and then repeat until either long enough or no more yarn. The lastic bags have numbers on them, so I know what order I decided on. I know, so much planning for me. Well, that’s the news from here!

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There will be a slight interruption in the sewing…

While the floor regains it’s flatness.  Funny, how you expect a floor to be flat, and when you cone downstairs and find it doing something other than being flat, you suddenly realize that flatness was all you really wanted.

So, for the next few days I will be hauling Large. Amounts.Of. Fabric. out of the downstairs, upstairs, and then men with big machines will come tear up the wet part of the floor, put down dry floor, and then sand it all and finish it. Meanwhile, we have decided to move the sewing/TV/video games to the upstairs bedroom and move our bedroom to the downstairs, and in the mean time my husband is getting up close and personal will all my yarn, unspun wool, fabric, sewing machines, and books.Not th kind of thing you really want your husband to think too much about, you know?

 The man doesn’t have the grace to have a hobby of his own.  No, no fishing, no hunting, no boats, no collectible action figures, nothing.  He reads.  Preferably library books. Oh, and the internet.  He reads maybe twenty newspapers a day, plus blogs and sundry and since we already have internet, no expense there.( If you ever want to know any nuanced fat about any political situation anywhere in the world, just shoot him an email.) When I met him, he was part owner of a single engine plane, and that is truly a hobby that could balance out my rather large fiber habit.  But since I, for some reason, refused for him to strap our infant son into a single engine plane and go for sky rides, he eventually gave up the plane.

It’s like coming home to a monk, with a pile of library books, a cup of coffee, and a high speed internet connection.

On the other hand, it leaves more room for all my stuff.