New Sewing Space

Here are two views of the new sewing space. The table is one of those horrible plastic tables that my son and I decoupaged. I kept finding sheets of hoarded mulberry paper as I cleaned through things, that I had bought just because it was pretty. I bit the bullet and we tore into it, gluing it down with spray adhesive and now three coats of modge podge. The top coat will be polyurethane, so that it will be water resistant.

This is the cutting table and book/fabric storage area. I like the fabric being on open shelves, but there is so much light I am afraid it will fade. I am considering what I can do about that. So this picture shows 3 o,clock position, the table is at 12o’clock position, and the sewing machine cabinet is at 9 o’clock position.(No picture yet) The door to the room is at 6 o’clock. It s a long, narrow room, and this is half of it. The rest of the room is devoted to the day bed, the TV and such. I’ll post more photos as it starts to look more like a room and less like a storage unit!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Your decoupaged table is pure art. If you could see all of the water damaged finished surfaces in my house, you'd know why I was wondering if it was possible to make homemade mod podge…I would need at least 5 gallons..but oh it would be so cute;) LOVE THIS!!!!!

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