Blog you must go see… 
She is ( gasp) a new quilter, if I am reading the blog correctly.  She is also a proponent of creative common (copy left! cracking up, as opposed to copy right)  and I think creative commons is a powerful idea.  I hope it catches on.

She calls her un-vented technique traplique, and if you read back in her blog, explains how she came up with it.  I did that on my  Houses at Night quilt, for the moon.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I love The Hots and am so glad to see she's now a quilter. Our newspaper quit carrying The Hots after a year or so, even though Paley was born and raised here in town. I'm so glad to find out I can still read it. LOVE that quilt!

  2. Hi-more to say about Houses at Night. I remember the quilt and your profound gratitude felt in the post.I have been savoring every minute and feeling profound gratitude for my life. Thinking of those in Joplin- lately, wondering how folks in Japan are faring. Sitting on porch watching & smelling rain and being glad that is all we have.Thanks for chance to look at your lovely quilt again and for the opportunity to feel grateful.Maggie in MISorry the whole quilting part went right by me this time.

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