the 28 has reached the end of the road, for now

Here’s the final decal and paint work.  I don’t have a shuttle that’s working just now, but when I do, I will try to get it actually sewing.
I have to say, it is a little un nerving, looking at a bright blue machine.Seems improper for it to not be black!  I would never repaint a machine unless it, like this one, had nothing to lose. Otherwise, I think they earn their worn spots.  ( just spelled worn “warn”.  I spell with a Midwestern accent.)  
This machine, however, had a history that was not so good, and so i thought I’d try having a little fun with it.  The paint is no where near as durable as the original finish, called japaning, and made similar to enamel, with a backing/firing process. I may learn more about it and paint it over again someday, but for now, this is as far as it goes.  I can’t spend on a shuttle ( about $30), a bobbin winder (ditto) when there are Singer 128’s to be had for less than that, and I’m not willing to strip a functioning machine for parts, so this is where it stops, I guess.  A bit of a bittersweet finish, really, because I got in over my head.  However, I will just wait and see.  I don’t need to do anything with it right now, and if I get to go to a TOGA (gathering of treadle machine enthusiasts) I will drag it along and seek wise counsel.
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  1. Too cute! You did a nice job with this machine. I think it should have an honorable spot on a bookcase overlooking your other machines in your sewing room.

  2. I'll keep a look out for you at car boot sales and the local brocante. It's amazing what turns up when you least expect it.Have you looked on Ebay? That's where I get most of my machine accessories.

  3. Wow, I think your Singer redo is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the tip on veneer glue. Everything, including me seems to be falling apart and splintering around here ;)Love that cuddle quilt picture.Way, way cute!!!

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