Singer 28

This lovely little handcrank spent the last 20 years on display in a lovely home, filled with antiques.

Here is the hardware that held the dust cover on one side,

and the other.  The colors of the top and the base are different- I wonder if perhaps this cover was switched out?  But no matter, I’m happy to have it.

Here is the front view.  I’m having trouble deciding which set of decals this is.  There is no color other than gold.

But, everything is loose, needed a few drops of oil here and there and it sews a wonderful seam.

Here is the back.  The access cover is molded to fit the pillar of the machine, and has decals as well.

And here is the serial number 11236415, which if I am reading the Singer dating charts correctly, makes this a  machine made in the 1890’s.  Well, display time is over for this old girl- she is going to be headed back to work!

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  1. Oh! So that's what the lid hardware is supposed to look like! (sorry, I got really excited, I'll back up) I have a machine that is very similar to yours: an 1890's 28. Except I have no lid. But, my base still has the hardware for where the lid once attached. It looks like your lid would fit my base very nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I'll have to do a blog post soon so you can see. Your remaining decals look familiar. Of all the old machines I have experience with, this one is the most smooth! (Full disclosure: I haven't actually sewn on it–the shuttle's a bit rusty for that. But you have inspired me!)

  2. Nice! that's a lovely machine and case. I've got a 128 in a more ordinary looking bentwood case and it is a great little machine. Nothing like the ticky-ticky-ticky of the VS bobbins. I think you will enjoy sewing on it.

  3. EEEEEEEEEK!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! What a find! That is freaking amazing! WOW! I bet it's very rare to find this model in even semi-working condition! Do you think you might make a short video of the 128 at work and post it on YouTube for us? Can't wait to see what you'll be sewing with the ol' girl. And what will you be naming her? ๐Ÿ™‚

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