Hey, Sailor!

Here’s a little cutie I got on ebay.

His uniform is perfect- right down to insignia.  Lost his hat, but I suppose that can happen in 60 years of seafaring.

I thought at first he was a folk art piece.  But, after undressing him, I thought that he had to have been made by someone who was accustomed to making dolls. The body and face, for example have a lot of shaping that is not intuitive. The workmanship is excellent- fine stitches, no visible knots, divided floss.

See the waist shaping?  The green lines?  It was a printed or transfer pattern.  So, home made but designed by a professional. That means there are more of them!  Anyone seen them?  Anyone know anything?  He is only my second male doll, but he seems perfectly happy sitting in with the ladies.

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