Bread that will eat you!

If you are not careful. These are from the Mexican Bakery near where my husband works. Aren’t they cool? It makes me want to make some, because they are not really inexpensive, and we ate them right up. Like mos Mexican sweets, they are not very sweet. Just lightly sweet.

I’ve been quilting on the new White Rotary machine. It is a stiff learning curve. I am having that humbling feeling of being a beginner- AGAIN. I am doing pretty well on free motion quilting on the electric machines. Not great or show worthy. but very respectable and getting better all the time. On the treadle, it is a whole different rythym. Definetly slower, but I think that if I want to do really nice quilting this is going to be the way I do it. It sews at the same speed I think- where as the electric sews much faster!

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  1. What a score on that White machine! Hurray for you! There's no doubt but that it has a wonderful new home. Your comment about it quilting at the same speed that you think makes me think I might also be more comfortable machine quilting with a treadle machine. ;- ) It's the speed of the electric machines that scares me as much as anything else.Hope you can find a spot for that new treadle base you found. Or perhaps the person who owns the machine it needs!

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