Willcox and Gibbs Chain stitcher

Wow.  Blogger went and changed.  I suppose it is a free site, so they can do what they want, but so far I am not a fan  I’m getting old.  The music is getting too loud, I find I am deeply offended by phone calls after 9PM, and those teenage girls at the high school need to go hame and put some more clothes on before they come outside again.  And I don’t like blogger changing.  hmph.
The machine pictured above is a chain stitcher, which means no bobbin, so no bobbin winding.  BUT it means that if the seam is cut, or breaks, the whole thing can come raveling out, just like the stitching on the dog food, or bird seed, bag.  On the other hand, chain stitches are more flexible.  I use this machine for making muslins, or first drafts, of garments.  If I need to change a seam, ZIP it is out.  It also makes a pretty faux embroidery.  This machine was a splurge for me, I think I paid $100.  It is missing it’s case.  It came in an old suitcase that did mot fit it, and smelled really musty. Since the case is basically a wooden box, I might make one someday.  I have all of the attachments, and i feel very lucky to have it!

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  1. I guess that since I haven't been blogging, I haven't experienced all the changes in blogger. I don't 'do' computers very well. I also agree on your other 'rants'. I have the same rants. Love the chain stitcher. I haven't seen one in my area. It would be fun to try some redwork on it.

  2. whoo hoo, I just found one yesterday! Mine is set up on a board with the motor and a large pin for giant cones of thread and has a lovely layer of factory grunge all over it but it turns smoothly. can't wait to get it cleaned up and running. $30 (plus the usual 10 to 20 hours of cleaning, no doubt).

  3. I'm a little (a lot!) late reading this post but I'm with you 100% about music, phone calls, blogger, teenage girls, etc. I've also had it with politics and Congress. Thank goodness for quilting!

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