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Not Much here…

We had a lovely Hannukah. My kids are the best. Mr Wooly bought me 50 rotary cutter blades, which I need for quilting. it is a lovely gift. Otherwise, just the same old stuff. Better post later….but isn’t Muggs the cutest ever? he is a sweet dog.

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In case you thought I had given up sewing…

Here’s an orphan block quilt made out of a bunch of blocks and mini tops given to me by another quilter. I just put them together.

And quilted them. This leafy vine is very relaxing. Just back and forth, back and forth. This one went to the shelter for women with mental illness.

This cat and mouse block was shown on Deb Rowden’s blog. I used light colored plus red as my design rule. The design floor is it’s usual chaotic self. I guess that’s a big advantage to a design wall, no one stacks things on it!

Here is what I am doing as my string piecing. I am cutting whatever block i feel like making so that one dimension is 10 inches. Then i sew it onto the roll. At some point i will make a strippy quilt. I add each block to the end as soon as I finish it.

See why I decided on 10 inches? becaus it is rolled on a paper towel roll! It started to give in from the weight of the fabric, so i stuffed it ( with paper towels, of course) to keep it from collapsing.

Here is part of the sewing area. The Davis VF is hostin a Singer 239 in a tiffany blue base. The Morse is the blue and tan, made in the Toyota company factory in the 1960’s. All old machines are heavy, but this one is HEAVY. It weighs about twice what a Singer of it’s size would- maybe 45 pounds? I can barely lift it. Behind it is a Singer 403 that I just finished with that I will likely sell, after I sew on it for a little while to make sure it really is a happy camper. It is really pretty.

Here is my quilt inspector, Muggles. To his right is the 401 with a few, ok, a lot of cosmetic issues. Not sure what I will do about it. I may repaint it, I may strip it of parts. Don’t know yet. Isn’t running yet, so it will depend on how difficult it is, likely.

Here’s another shot of the 239. The friend who gave it to me said it looked like a machine that Audry hepburn would sew on, so when I made the base, I painted it tiffany blue. I plan on doing some more to the base in silver paint, but not sure what, yet. it was made in France, a straight stitch only, and very cute!

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These are the bunnies I made for a good friend’s neighbor’s kids. The neighbor was picking my friend up from the airport, and I always have fun giving presents to kids, so i thought my friend might like it, too. The kids- all between 1 and 4 years, like them! Yay!

The hand crank machine behind them is really nice for sewing little fussy things like this. If I go on another doll making spree, it will be with a hand crank machine. Every stitch can be put down just so, in exactly the spot I want. Perfect for all those little curves.

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