String Blocks!

Foundations made of phone book pages

I usually press after each strip set- one per side, then press. But, I am working with very wrinkled strips. If the strips were not so wrinkly, then I could probably just fold them over and press them open with my hand.

One about to be trimmed, one after trimming. These are turning out 8 inches. I was hoping for 8.5, but the pages were too small. Oh well!

A nice stack of work. The strips I’m using were sorted into mostly green or mostly purple. I just grabbed a handful of each. The center strip is from the mostly red pile. Sometimes, it seems, that means pink!

sewn into 4 bloc X’s. I’m getting them to the 4 block stage, and letting them pile up. I think aroung 96 small blocks will make a good quilt.

Of course, If I wanted to set them as a zig zag, or barn raising ( any of the sets used for log cabin quilts work for string blocks) Then I would not put them into this arrangement. Great thanks to Bonnie Hunter of for teaching me this method, through her lovely blog and website! I feel like Bonnie is my own personal quilt godess, even thought we’ve never met. Go check out her website for tons of free patterns and tutorials!

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