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Bird Decals

The decals on the bed of my latest resident here at the home for abused and underapreciated sewing machines. The machine has been coated liberally in oil, now i will spend many hours and many cotton squares gently removing grime.

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Cupcake Apron

I have made dresses that were less involved than this apron. That said, none of it was hard, but was picky. It is cute, but not so cute that I will make it again, unless, for some odd reason, I need any apron for an event. If I sold things at craft fairs, or worked somewhere like that where my crafty cred needed to be broadcasted, then yes, I would make this again.

The apron is displayed on my new, paper tape dress form ( just google it for many, many, tutorials on the subject. I have named her Truly. Because it was truly startling to see how big I’ve gotten, and it will be truly wonderful to be able to get clothes to fit better, and it is truly a conscious effort to love my self as I am now, and not how I will be in some undefined future.

Here’s the vintage seam binding I used around the neck and pockets. Sweet! One 4 yard package did just those areas.

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My Polish Girls

These little dolls were from the 1950’s I think.  They are cloth, stuffed with sawdust, and have plastic mask faces. They are dressed in costumes that are supposed to represent different countries.  I don’t know much else about them, but they were all made in Poland. Anyone else know anything about them?
The fourth from the left was the first one I bought , when i was just a little kid.