Mystery Czech Sewing Machine

This one is a bit of a mystery.  Labeled Made in Czechoslovakia, and “Stitchmaster”, a very common badge name.  The stitch length lever is the long lever to the right of the pillar.  The black knob is the zigzag control.  The bobbin case looks like a Pfaff 230, so my best guess is that this is a clone of that machine, sort of.  The face plate looks similar to Pfaff, as well.  I haven’t gotten as far as finding a needle for it, but it looks like it takes a round shank and not a flat shank needle.  Found it in a junk store.  Anyone ever seen one?  There is no manufacturer name anywhere on it. If I knew what needle it took, I’d be a happy camper.  I tried a regular needle, a 15×1, and it does not fit.  It needs a new presser foot, as well.  The one it has is a straight stitch foot on a zig zag machine, so someone broke off one toe (ouch) of the presser foot so they could zigzag.  Very sub optimal.

I’m in a bit of machine doldrums.  I need to sell my Necchi Nora, and cabinet, to make room.  But first, I need to photograph it, and to do that I need to clean up the…..Then there is the completed quilt top and back hanging over the ironing board.  They need to be pressed, and then pinned, and then quilted. I have four blouses and two pairs of pants cut out, waiting to be sewn.  What can I say- It’s raining cats and dogs here, and I just want to take a nap!


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  1. It kind of reminds me of a Singer 306 with the knob thing on the front. That machine takes a weird needle size too…206×13 I think. Hopefully you have a repair shop handy where you can take it and try different needles until one fits! That would probably save time and wouldn't cost any extra!

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