Monthly Archives: April 2012

Robot Baby


This dolly was definitely a lemonaide-out-of-lemons situation.  She’s from a vintage pattern, and was supposed to be a sweet old fashioned girl, wearing little overalls made from a 1930’3 reproduction fabric that had baby chicks on it.  I decided she needed red shoes, and that is where the trouble started.

I smeared the red onto the leg, no big thing, but then I got some on the face.  OK, then, I decided I would paint the whole face, a skin color, and then do the features.  But she looked dead.  I hate looking at dead babies.  So, I repainted, and still, weird looking.  I threw her out.

About an hour later, I dug her out of the trash, decided I would spray paint her with primer, and start over.  But, the can of paint I grabbed had the wrong cap on it, and so I sprayed her silver!  OH NO!  Hmmm…actually, not bad.  But what about the brown curly hair?  Of course! Shiny blue!

From there it was on to sharpie marker for details and the bedazzler for, uhm, dazzle.And, here we have Robot baby.  Her overalls are made out of outgrown pajama pants from my son, so nostalgic in their own way.Maybe I will make a series of robot children?

one pile of string blocks


looks a lot like another.  I’ve been under the weather, so just little bits of sewing here and there.  the rules for this set is, uhm, red centers and green strings.  but I guess pink is the new red?  Just looked up the origin of the phrase “under the weather”.  Seems to come from sailing ships- sick seamen were sent below decks, out of the weather, and seasick passengers were less likely to be on deck, as well.  Which is odd, because when i am seasick ( and if it is bigger than a canoe, I have been seasick on it), then out on deck is the place to be!

Doll Dress


This is the doll that was  a head only, bought on e-bay.  I was pretty prompt making a body, painting the hands and feet in lieu of trying to find china replacements. The first dress i made was sort o wrong, and not really well fitting.

This one I made on my hand crank singer 66, using the ruffling foot for gathering.  Very simple design, just gathered squares.  Shows off her shoulders nicely, doesn’t it?

two free pieced quilts

 The one above, in velveteen, was an ebay purchase.  I usually can figure out some seams where it looks like bigger strips or blacks were put together, but on this one, not really.  It has a blanket for batting, and some nice 1970’s calico on the back.  Ever since I abandoned the cotton only prejudice, I have been able to pick up some real improve beauties on ebay for cheap.  Broaden your mind: include polyester.

This one I made, out of old denim scrubs, my husbands, and my kids jeans.  The yellow is some twill from….something.  It hangs over our bed, and has fleece for back and bat.  I had envisioned it as a picnic type quilt, but the bedroom needed a calming influence, so up on the wall it went.