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before and after

while the sewing room in the former garage looks like an explosion in a quilt/hardware storeImageImagequ right now, I thought I’d share some before and after pictures


Sweet dog

Imageahh, sweet dog! Not much going on around here, just full on summer time.  Kids and I are having a good summer.  Darling husband is at a new job (woot!) but it means no time off for him.  But, we are having the kind of summer where people stay in thir PJs until 11:00, and then we debate pool or library while we eat lunch.  I hope I remember all the sweetness of these two boys forever.

Tipsy Planter with Gnom-ey Goodness


Directions for these are all over- called tipsy planters.  Basically you drive a piece of rebar into the ground and stack the pots by threading through the drain hole and along the side of the pot.  One thing I discovered is that the pots must be the same shape as each other and really should be the same size.  I kept the larger one on the bottom because I was too dang lazy to take it all off and do it over.  I miked the water saving crystals into the potting soil to keep the pots from drying out too rapidly.  Sealing the pots would also help, but I didn’t think of it in time.  I don’t think plastic pots would work because they don’t have enough structural integrity.  I put herbs in, but I think petunias would have been a good choice as well.