Free Pieced Quilt Block Tutorial

Step one: Find a piece of door fabric.  Mine is about 1 by 2 inches.  I like to look for a little person or animal on fabric, but a solid color is nice, too.  It can bring a group together, if all the doors are, say red, or purple. Cut a strip of house fabric the same width as the door, and sew it to the top of the door.


Now, the same for the window.  This time, sew some fabric above and below the window.


now sew some trips between the window and the door, and on the outside edge of the window and door.


Pause here, press well, and then find a roof triangle.


Why is that photo upside down?  Because it is after midnight here and my brain has given up trying to fix it, that’s why!  Guesstimate the size square you need for sky.  Cut some squares and cut them corner to corner.


sew them on.  Note the non- squareness of the block.  Remain calm.


Iron it like you mean it.  Then trim.


Now it is square enough to call a block!  Let me know if anything is unclear!


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  1. I love your “keep calm”–we do seem to freak out when things are “Not Square”, huh? I know I do…I like your house a lot Julierose

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