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Glennen Omnistitch Embelisher

About 5 years ago, I bought the above named machine. It had no instructions, no feed dogs, and it seemed to be a way to put yarn down on fabric. Liking to spend a fair amount of my disposable time and income of fabric and yarn, I bought the machine without understanding it. And then I go really, really frustrated. Then I put it away for five years.

In the mean time, I learned a lot more about sewing machines and repairing them, and how they work, and I found the pretty quiet Omnistitch group on yahoo. That got me a manual, emailed by a kind member, and a vague idea of how to use the machine. Tonight while shifting things around in the Mom Cave (aka sewing bunker, aka room formerly known as a garage) I happened to move both the Glennen machine and a roll of canvs, and an idea clicked. Hooked rugs. No, no, not real hooked rugs. Using the machine to lay down yarn in a folk arty, hooked rug way. Because I need to learn rug hooking like I need a hole in my head. I already sew, quilt, knit, and crochet. I don’t really want to hook rugs, I just want to own them. And we, being a family of boys and dogs, are hard on rugs. A real hooked rug would be too precious to put on the floor,. But, a rug made out of acrylic yarn on canvas…….

A quick rummage through the yarn closet and I found three skeins of Lion Brand Homespun that are left over from something, and an hour and a half later, I have a little rug! I have some learning to do on the background- you can see the white canvas peeking through the purple yarn. The design would have been better if I had drawn it out first, instead of free styling the whole thing.

I learned a fair amount about how the machine works.I does not like it when I push the work back away from me for a long stretch, preferring side to side and forward motion. It was like a little puzzle to figure out where to fill in next. I know there are folks who do art pieces with silks and ribbons, but the feeder for the yarn really gobbles it up, and I am unlikely to use anything but acrylic yarn for the foreseeable future. Here’s a picture of the rug:
6iSqcoRSrY1W7GHsFZp6Cllhf7oFum8o-PdtHeft-K8It has obvious design and technique issues, and is a homely little thing, but we will use it as a bathmat and so the ugly doesn’t matter much. What I’m geeked up about is the possibility of future rugs!

Dyeing RED!

Here’s a little low water immersion dyeing of three different reds. I’m feeling much better from my flu!

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