Linty, linty, linty

wish I could say this was a photo of a poor, orphan, neglected machine…..but it’s my 201, the one I use every day.  Ahem.  For some reason, the feed dogs weren’t feeding correctly.  Oh.  This is the reason!Image


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  1. My Spartan hand crank was working wonderfully (tho I did know that I needed to clean and oil her) until hubby set her in the car (in her case) where she could tip over while he drove. Oops! That’s all it took to jam that lint in the wrong places and stop her sewing. Now to go clean out my (new to me) Singer 99 that I want to turn into a hand crank. She has tons of lint all over her. Wish I had a 201. I hear lots of good things about them.

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