Monthly Archives: February 2013

Butterfly quilt

 one I just finished, made to use up ome tiny squares of fabric with butterflies and bugs on it.  The light is bad at night, but the backs are all different blacks.  Linen, flannel, kona, you name it.



It finished out to 60 by 70, so couch sized.  Just have to work up to making a back.  For some reason I hate making backs.  Maybe the measuring?  I like liecing, like quilting, just hate sandwhiching and pinning and making backs!


Low Contrast Delectable Mountains

The colors of this quilt- aqua and red- are of the same value, so there is not much contrast. I played with other settings, but the reds really needed to be together. This quilt will be easy to date for future people who do that kind of thing- aqua and red are “in” colors now, but likely will look dated in a few years. I have to decide to make another batch of blocks or use this as a center medallionFySXrK8u0Rc6vJHwrbJajSiqEHh-a19kxSVIaTXikHc and make a bunch of borders. Opinions?

But is it Art?

No,this first effort is probably not….I’m looking forward to taking a class with an art quilter whose work I admire very much, Rayna Gillman.   I have never taken an art quilting class, or actually made an art quilt.  I mean, I make a lot of original work, but you are more likely to find my work with someone napping with it than hung on a wall. So, It occurred to me that I ought to make a stab at an art quilt.

The construction problems are definitely different than with a more block based quilt.   It is a lot like putting a crazy quilt together, looking for areas that match in size and then sewing those areas together, then making another area match on one side and sewing it on, and so forth. I’m also not accustomed to using a design wall. There is a definite knack to keeping things aligned the same way they were on the wall.  It is also an interesting process, to move things around on the wall before deciding. My usual methods of serendipity and impulsiveness work less well with a design wall. The inspiration for this quilt is the lovely littlemola of a bird that a friend gave me.  I keep moving it around the quilt, trying to decide where to sew it down.  Altogether, I think I will have to learn a lot!Image