Low Contrast Delectable Mountains

The colors of this quilt- aqua and red- are of the same value, so there is not much contrast. I played with other settings, but the reds really needed to be together. This quilt will be easy to date for future people who do that kind of thing- aqua and red are “in” colors now, but likely will look dated in a few years. I have to decide to make another batch of blocks or use this as a center medallionFySXrK8u0Rc6vJHwrbJajSiqEHh-a19kxSVIaTXikHc and make a bunch of borders. Opinions?


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  1. I like the blocks and would do a whole quilt this way (rather than a medallion). they just don’t look medallion-ish to me. and I think the quilt and the color scheme will stand the test of time. Unlike my appliqued moon face and stars quilt, still unfinished after about 20 years! Remember when that was all the rage?

    very pretty.

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