Necchi BU Mira rewire

this one taught me a good lesson. I took it out of a cabinet, as I have no more room for cabinet machines. I wired in a foot pedal where the knee pedal had been, just to service it and see what I thought. But, the machine took off running when plugged in. Uh oh, wired wrong. But where? A foot pedal is just an on/off switch (foreshadowing, here) So, when my sewing machine mentor came over, she made me take the motor off, trace the wiring, re wire the pedal properly….and it still toof off running. We were just about to rip into the motor when I had a thought.

Yup. The foot pedal was bad. It was a junker I had taken off a machine that ended up as a hand crank. The “switch” was faulty, not the wiring. Ooops. Different pedal, and all better now.


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  1. All better now is groovy. Troubleshooting is a great skill to have and keeping it honed is smart. Jolly well done.

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