Dotty medallion top finished


It came out double sized. I like it a lot! It was fun going around and and around. I need to pin it out tomorrow and start quilting. I really need to get over myself with the sandwiching of quilts. I have about 10 or 12 tops to quilt. Of course tops take up a lot less space than quilts and everyone has a bunch of quilts on their bed. I give away quite a few every year as well. Guess my kids will have to figure it out! I picture the giant garage sale it will take to clear out my sewing room when I finally give it up and I guess I better start giving more quilts to friends and family. I’m just insecure enough that I am afraid people won’t like them or will garage sale them while I’m still around to find out!


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  1. I love the energy and the colors! Somehow it looks like New York City, with Brandon the Humans of New York photographer ready to jump out of a square to interview and photo random strangers.

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