Monthly Archives: July 2015

The end of the blog

I’m going to leave this up as a remembrance of my life before PTSD. Things have changed a lot for me. I don’t work any more. I struggle to sew. I struggle to knit. I go to therapy twice a week. I’ve lost friends. Some have announced they are “not comfortable” with me any more, some have just drifted away as I have stopped doing my old activities.

But all is not lost. I have the support of a wonderful husband and my teenage sons have shown what good men they are going to be. I am training a PTSD service dog with the help of a specialized trainer and not only has that gotten me the courage to go out in public more it has been rewarding and fun! I have found an art therapy group and made some new friends there and learned more about art making. I slowly make progress. The future exists for me now. I’ll finish with a quote. “Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle”.

Thanks for reading all these years. Laura