Monthly Archives: September 2018

Wool Stress Balls

the only use I have for pantyhose!

the finished product!! I like these much better than the plastic stress balls. they feel warm in my hand. this bunch came out softer than the last batch, but what can I say, wool alchemy?

I’m back, just a bit.

I decided twitter was a bit rough and tumble for me. I don’t actually understand the modern world enough to keep up. I’m the dork who says the thing and then people say the things and then I delete the thing….

anyway, I still feel the need to write crap, so here it is.

Am I better? I dont know. its complicated. I dont work as a nurse anymore, but that has more to do with falling and breaking a few vertebra, as well as an uptick in rheumatoid arthritis. I also had a bit of a concussion. More on that, later.