I’m back, just a bit.

I decided twitter was a bit rough and tumble for me. I don’t actually understand the modern world enough to keep up. I’m the dork who says the thing and then people say the things and then I delete the thing….

anyway, I still feel the need to write crap, so here it is.

Am I better? I dont know. its complicated. I dont work as a nurse anymore, but that has more to do with falling and breaking a few vertebra, as well as an uptick in rheumatoid arthritis. I also had a bit of a concussion. More on that, later.

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  1. just a bit of quilting! mostly, cleaning out the sewing room after a flood last year threw everything into chaos. I’ve tossed fabric, donated fabric, donated machines, sold off some of the vintage machine collection, and still there is more to do. yes, I’ve taken on water, but in bailing, and drying out the engine!

    • me too! I thought I would like social media, but it was too complicated and too mean
      i just want to sew and make things and have fun with my virtual quilting group! have to say i am tickeled that so many of you noticed this post!

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