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last minute Halloween craft

Since I am nothing if not a last minute gal, here is something I made this week.  I had hoped to lure the kids into making one, too, having this fantasy of making a big collection of them.  However, they thought it was cool, but cool for me to have done, not for them.  Perhaps your children are less feral?

This was the genesis of the idea- a nightlight cord set all wired up and ready to go at the craft store.  It was about three bucks.

Here is the how to section- find a box, cut it to look like this, sort of, unless you have better ideas, which you surely might!  As you can see by the cat below, no level of ineptitude is too great.  After this I spray painted it black and then glued in yellow copy paper to cover the windows and doors.  Then I hacked a hole in the back the size of the night light bulb, ad there you have it! Happy Halloween!

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