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blue strings

Here’s the string top I’ve been working on lately.  I used paper towels as a foundation, so I will have to wash it before I give it away, to make sure it doesn’t lumpify.

Here’s Foxie, in black and white to see the contrast of the different strings.  I’m trying to look at quilts in both color and black and white, to get a better handle on contrast.

I was planning to give this quilt to my teenage nephew, who wants a quilt.  But, this block had my teen son a little worried- see Peter Rabbit in the lower left block?  My thought is that it does not matter, but I thought I’d ask the blogosphere what it thinks? I have time to consider, while I quilt it.

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Stringy Goodness

Here’s the finish of my leader and ender string quilt. Leaders and enders is just a way of sewing, where you always just feed the next thing through the machine. It’s Bonnie Hunters idea, and she has a real nice book about it.

I am going to use a blanket as the batting, tie it, and give it to the homeless shelter. It is so cheerful! I love it so much, luckily I’ve already started another one.

Speaking of blankets, my dear mother came over one day last week while I was at work. She washed all the quilts in the washer ( which I do) and put them in the dryer, which I don’t. I kept calm, but it was a near thing. I guess they will look crinkly like this forever, now. Her remark was “I washed all those home made blanket the kids sleep wit. It you want new ones that match their rugs, I’d be happy to take them to Target.” I’m seriously thinking of changing my lock. It will cause an uproar, but I have really had it. I’m going to give myself a little time to cool off, and I see my best friend since forever at Maryland Sheep and Wool in two weeks, so I’m going to see what she thinks.

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Look! Hand sewing! With sock yarn, but still, with my own little (left) hand.
Here’s The whole thing- I used the string blocks from here for the side borders. I had to wait for my quilt rack to get home before I got a picture. If I work much bigger, he would have to stand on the bench. I’m pretty pleased with this.

In Case you think I have forsaken knitting

I have not. Behold, the hat that all the cool kids are wearing. Yes, it is pathetic that a forty something is looking at the hats worn by the twenty somethings, but the pattern is free, so I believe that provides karmic balance for foolishness.
Here we have some crochet, my first fiber love. The yarn flung itself at me at the LYS. What sock yarn? Alison H taught me how to write one line of a lace pattern on one index card. The next line is on the next index card, and so forth. When you finish a row, you put that card to the back of the stack, and you will never be lost again.
And here we have a myth busters on foundation piecing. I have always been told that a paper or fabric foundation is necessary for string blocks. One of these has a paper foundation, the other three do not. I found I needed the foundation mainly to tell me what size strip to use. Using an eight inch square ruler ( quilting rulers come in all kinds of sizes and shapes) and comparing the about to be sewn block to thr ruler worked just as well for me. In fact, of the three I had paper pieced, two had to be resewn because of wrinkles. The not paper foundationed ones allowed the wrinkle to press out.

Not bad for a Saturday when I had four kids ( two are loaners) in the house.