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Nice description of how I repair sewing machine finishes:

I learned it from the same guy, but Charlee actually wrote it up, so here you go:http://charleeturner.blogspot.com/2012/05/one-more-from-skip.html


Singer 31-20

This lovely lady is a treadle powered industrial.made in 1920.  Lets think about that.  Some person, or more than one person, spent 8 or more hours a day, treadling this machine and sewing.  No motor.  Musings on work conditions of yesteryear aside, it is a smooth powerful hunk of a machine and I love it dearly. For those who wonder, the light behind it came from IKEA, but I think it does will with the machine.


I had to work on the cabinet a good bit.  The machine, other than layers of filth was in good shape. Built to run, as they say.  It is currently living in the dining room, but if the longed for sewing room materializes, it will move there.